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Working Principle of DESSION Shisha Packaging Machine

Shisha molasses packaging machine, also known as Shisha molasses automatic packaging machine or Shisha molasses packaging equipment, is a machine used for packaging Shisha molasses products. It is capable of placing shisha molasses products in plastic bags or other packaging materials sealing.

The working principle of DESSION Shisha packaging machine usually includes the following steps:

1. Load the packaging materials into the machine: First, load the required packaging materials (such as paper bags, plastic bags) into the machine.

DESSION adopts the post-drawing film packaging setting, which does not damage the film, and the packaged products are more beautiful.

packaging machine

2. Loading the product into the packaging material: Next, the product to be packaged (such as shisha molasses or hookah tobacco) is loaded into the packaging material.

Pour the products to be packaged into a large-capacity detachable hopper (to meet different tastes, quick cleaning, and increase production capacity), and the agitator in the hopper makes the product more uniform.

large capacity hopper

The new screw transmission realizes fast feeding and fast discharging. DESSION’s original new hookah cutter, high stability and high weight accuracy.

cutting jaw1

cutting jaw2

3. Seal the packaging material: Finally, the machine will seal the packaging material to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation.

film pulling device



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