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Horizontal Shisha Hookah Tobacco Cartoning Machine High Speed Automatic 50g cartoner Packaging 100 Box/min

Dession box packing machine is widely applied in the single piece transparent film automatic packaging of all varieties of box-type things in the industries of pharmacy, food, healthy products, cosmetics, commodities, stationary and office supplies poker and cigarettes etc.

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Packing Speed

60-100 boxes/min


1.8Kw, 380V, 50/60HZ





horizontal shisha hookah tobacco cartoning machine high speed automatic 50g cartoner packaging 100 box/min


Dession Automatic Cartoning Machine is automatic horizontal type continuous operation equipment which is developed and designed and manufactured by our company, based on advanced machine type and combined with the actual circumstances of package. It is the grated high -tech products of electro mechanics, totally corresponding to the GMP ands. The machine may be used independently, or work with the paper re-folding machine and flow packaging machine to unite into a production line., moreover equippea with transmit and fall system and automatic coding device, The max operation speed is 120 cartons per minute, normal production speed is 60-80 cartons per minute. It is suitable to package of medicines, cosmetics, leisure food, toothpaste and the corresponding chemical products packed in the hose, plate and bottle etc. greatly improved the production efficiency.




Cartoning machine:

1. The machine structure is compact and reasonable, the performance is stable and advanced, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

2. Multiple adjustment handwheels, easy to adjust and large packaging range.

3. It adopts PLC control of internationally renowned electrical components, touch-type man-machine interface, and parameter setting is convenient and quick.

4. Safety warning function, fault diagnosis prompt is clear at a glance, and the use is more user-friendly.

5. Equipped with multiple servo motors, the machine operates stably and moves more accurately.

6. Integrated transmission system, more reliable work and more convenient maintenance.

7. Each control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrading, and can adapt to the production needs of different periods.


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Feel free to contact me, and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions!


Feel free to contact me, and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions!